Fortrum Academy & Research

Why choose for Fortrum Academy?

Fortrum stands at the centre of a dynamic and evolving mortgage market. We provide deep local expertise, knowledge and understanding to advance the goals of all parties. Through our insightful and strategic consultancy and rigorous and constructive due diligence, we protect the interests of investors, enhance the capabilities of lenders and support the growth of an effective, secure, efficient and ethical market. Our mission is to be a driving force at the heart of an effective, secure and ethical lending market. 

Building on our due diligence and consultancy experience we expanded our services with the Fortrum Academy and Fortrum Research.

Why is training important?

In today’s ever-changing mortgage market, the importance of staying up to date has never been greater. Training is an indispensable way of professional growth by developing your knowledge, skills and insights of which both you and your team will benefit. Putting what you have learned into practice will lead to improved decisions, processes and better results.

Where does Fortrum Academy make the difference?

We practice what we preach: we know what we are really good at and we are really good at what we know. For example our in-depth knowledge, our experience, our wide client range and overview from start to end of the mortgage process and stakeholders involved. Our trainings are a great way to build upon your industry knowledge. You can follow a training at our Fortrum office in Houten or decide for an on-site training tailored to your needs.

Which trainings are offered by Fortrum Academy?

Fortrum Academy offers specialist training for new and experienced practitioners in all aspects of the Dutch mortgage market. Please note that the Mortgage Underwriting training is in Dutch. All other trainings are in both Dutch or English. You will develop or expand expertise and acquire new insights, taught by veterans of the market; see overview:

Dutch Mortgage Fundamentals
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Dutch Mortgage Industry Advanced
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Dutch Mortgage Underwriting
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Trends and Developments
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Why choose for Fortrum Research?

With our extensive experience of all areas of the Dutch mortgage market and our understanding of critical data and key drivers, our dedicated research team:

  • has a unique expertise & understanding of the market and up to date knowledge into upcoming regulatory changes;
  • knows where to find, interpret and translate data to report our insight, recommendations, risks and opportunities;
  • to efficiently and effectively organise research tasks and ;
  • Is backed by a highly capable team of Fortrum consultants to support in any changes or initiatives resulting from our research

Find out the added value of Fortrum Research for you