What we do

With our extensive expertise and decades of experience in UK and Dutch mortgage markets and broader consumer credit markets, we provide our clients with value added consultancy to support their operational and strategic goals always based on a deep understanding of their needs.

For institutions investing in Dutch mortgages, Fortrum is uniquely placed to apply our significant local expertise while drawing on our experience in the UK, Europe’s largest and most developed mortgage market. That experience covers all aspects of mortgage and consumer credit from new product development right through to funding and capital markets.

We support investors with:

  • Deepening understanding and analysis of mortgage and consumer credit markets in the Netherlands, UK and beyond
  • Effective asset class selection to meet risk/return criteria and exploit underserved niches
  • Product distribution strategy.
  • Market, credit and operational risk
  • Investment, distribution and funding strategy.
  • Introduction to and analysis of relevant local parties.
  • Product, criteria and policy design and development.
  • Regulatory requirements and impact.

We support lenders with:

  • Strategic development and implementation
  • Product design, pricing, development, management and marketing
  • Criteria and policy development and implementation
  • Regulatory impact evaluation and implementation
  • Funding optimisation

The Netherlands office

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United Kingdom office


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