This privacy policy is applicable to all sensitive personal information or individual data you provide to us, such as via our contact form or by subscribing to our newsletter. We highly value our customers’ privacy and, as such, exercise extreme caution in the management and safeguarding of individual data. We process data in alignment with the stipulations set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Dutch equivalent Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG). This privacy policy outlines the types of data we collect and the purposes for which they are used.

Types of Personal Information Collected

Fortrum B.V. may collect your personal data when you avail of our services or when you voluntarily offer such data, for example, by completing an online form. The kinds of personal data we might gather include:

Purpose for Collecting Information

Fortrum B.V. uses your personal information to establish phone-based communication if you request it or to connect with you through written correspondence (either via email or traditional mail) if you are unreachable by phone.

Additionally, your personal data may be employed for the execution of a contract or service agreement you have with us.

Moreover, Fortrum B.V. may use your data for marketing objectives, strictly confined to:

Data Retention Policy

Fortrum B.V. will retain your personal information solely for the time needed to realize the objectives for which your data were collected. If no contractual relationship is established with you, your information will be stored for no longer than one year.

Third-Party Sharing

Fortrum B.V. will only disseminate your data to third parties with your explicit consent and if necessary for the fulfillment of a contract or to meet legal mandates.

Website Visitor Data

Fortrum B.V.’s website compiles generic visitor analytics, which includes a part of your computer’s IP address, the time of retrieval, and browser details. The last three digits of your IP address are obfuscated. This data serves the purpose of analyzing visitor behaviour and improving website operations. The data is anonymized to the greatest extent possible and is not shared with external parties.

Google Analytics Usage

We make use of Google Analytics for the surveillance of website activity. The last three digits of your IP address are concealed. A data processing agreement with Google is in place, and Google is not authorized to use this Analytics data for its other services. Fortrum B.V. also abstains from sharing any data with Google.

Accessing, Modifying, or Deleting Your Data

You hold the right to inspect, revise, or eradicate your personal data. Applications for these changes can be directed to the marketing department of Fortrum B.V. A response will be provided within two weeks.

Amendments to Privacy Policy

Fortrum B.V. retains the right to make alterations to this privacy policy, with subsequent versions being posted on this website. Noticeable changes will be transparently communicated.

Data Security Measures

We implement stringent safeguards to secure your data against unauthorized access, unwarranted disclosure, modification, or unauthorized destruction. Fortrum B.V.’s website utilizes a secure SSL Certificate to ensure your personal data is safely guarded.

For concerns regarding the security of your data, evidence of misuse, or for additional details on our data protection measures, please contact us.

Contact Information for Fortrum B.V.:

– Mailing Address:
– Registered Office: De Molen 84, 3828 EZ
– Chamber of Commerce Number: 69541000
– Phone: +31(0)88 1820222

Should you require further adjustments or have additional queries, please feel free to contact us.