What is FortApp

FortApp is the proprietary, custom-made Due Diligence software developed by Fortrum. It offers a structured and effective way for reviewing loans of all types, asset classes and legal jurisdictions.

How does FortApp work?

Security and Compliance:

FortApp utilises Fortrum’s standardised questionnaires, exception texts and grading methodology per asset class and legal jurisdiction. This ensures that projects are efficiently set-up and operated and Fortrum’s quality standards are consistently maintained. For each project, the questionnaire is enhanced to align with the lender’s Underwriting guide. This results in a loan file questionnaire that reflects the lender’s own policies while still using Fortrum’s market standard methodology and knowledge.

Information security is crucial, and Fortrum has ensured that its software supplier, PAQT, is ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

Additionally, FortApp complies with the highest order of security requirements. Fortrum has had several comprehensive IT reviews from top tier financial organisations without any issues.