Dutch Mortgage Fundamentals


Fortrum Academy offers specialist training for new and experienced practitioners in all aspects of the Dutch mortgage market. Develop or expand expertise and acquire new insights, taught by veterans of the market. Our newly developed training is a great way to build upon your industry knowledge after obtaining the legally required WFT and PE certifications.

The Dutch Mortgage Fundamentals training is for new entrants in the mortgage discipline who wish to accelerate their knowledge & skills and to be fully up to date on the Dutch Mortgage Industry. Our industry is complex and fast changing and this training will ensure a deeper and up to date understanding of the Dutch mortgage market, mortgage process and valuation process. It also touches upon topics such as the buy to let mortgage market and regulatory & practice changes.

Please find an overview of our different training and their focus on this page. Are you wondering which training best suits your personal situation, ambition and experience? Please do not hesitate to contact us for personal advice from our mortgage experts.