Due diligence

What we do

We combine local expertise with deep and extensive experience to deliver:

  • Effective and insightful due diligence, analysis and surveillance to support the successful sale, acquisition and oversight of asset portfolios.
  • Efficient, timely and comprehensive re-underwriting* of new loan originations.
  • Ongoing oversight of origination and servicing.
  • Oversight of policy, criteria and regulatory compliance.
  • Securitisation due diligence, AUP review and ongoing surveillance.

* Fortrum is the only Due Diligence firm with AFM license for mortgage mediation

Volume & specialised underwriting.

With our team of qualified (WFT mortgage certified) underwriters, Fortrum supports new and established lenders and originators to:

  • Deliver flexible underwriting solutions for peak periods or specialist products.
  • Cost effectively manage fluctuations in new business volumes without compromising control and credit quality.
  • Underwrite and process standard, complex or niche products.
  • Ensure, continuing timely offer issuance to avoid disruption to customers, intermediaries and investors.

The Netherlands office

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United Kingdom office


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