ESG Review & Framework

What we do

We combine local operational and credit expertise with deep understanding and experience of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities, requirements and standards to deliver three primary services:

  • Lender/Servicer ESG Sustainability Assessment
  • Origination (pre-securitisation) ESG due diligence review
  • Ongoing ESG surveillance

Through these service we aim is to deliver:

  • Effective, comprehensive and relevant review of lenders, servicers and origination platforms, covering their policies and practices, to support the enhancement of their sustainability and ESG standards; and to provide independent assessment and reassurance to investors
  • Independent assurance of performance against ESG standards across lending portfolios.
  • Identification and disclosure of ESG risks and opportunities within loan and asset portfolios to enable transparency and comparability
  • Surveillance and reporting of adherence to ESG policies and practices to provide ongoing transparency and reassurance to investors in platforms, portfolios and securitisations

In this way we enable:

Lenders and servicers to:

  • Enhance their ESG standards and practices,
  • Demonstrate and promote those standards (to investors and other stakeholders)
  • Compare their approaches to emerging best practice in ESG in financial services
  • Provide initial and ongoing reassurance to funders and investors

Securitisation programmes to:

  • Meet the requirements and expectations of market stakeholders
  • Broaden the investor base and increase liquidity
  • Provide initial and ongoing transparency to investors

Investors to:

  • Evaluate investments against their ESG mandates
  • Monitor continuing ESG compliance
  • Meet transparency needs

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